Guiding your child along the academic path to success

At Oxford Education Enterprises, we are driven to help your child to succeed.

By being fully involved in the educational process from the outset, and facilitating each student’s integration into British culture, our goal is to help your child build a successful academic pathway into a sustainable future.


We will always act with a caring and nurturing attitude in the best interests of your child 


We recognise that each child is unique by offering an approach that is tailored to their personality and needs


We offer various options and discuss them with you to identify the perfect solution to complex issues


We provide honest support and guidance to ensure the best academic and personal development of your child






Who we work with

We work with families from around the globe who would like to provide their child with the best that British education has to offer.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we can support you regardless of where you are on your academic journey – whether you are looking for the best pre-preparatory schools in the UK, or you need help preparing your child to apply to a leading UK university including Oxford or Cambridge.

Our individual approach to each family enables us to put together a tailored plan, based on your child's background, natural talents and aspirations, that will maximise their chances of success and build a strong academic pathway for the future.

Our commitment to you

We will always put your child's best interests first.

After spending over 10 years working closely with candidates from around the world, we have confirmed our belief that every child is unique and has the potential to thrive in the right environment. 

That's why at Oxford Education Enterprises we tailor our approach to each family to find the right school for each child.

We dedicate time to learn about your child's background and aspirations, assess their academic levels and provide tuition recommendations to fill in any gaps. When advising on the selection of schools, we always take into consideration the child's personality, their strongest subjects, the school's environment and the social and co-curricular programmes that they offer – all these and more play an instrumental role in identifying the right school for your child.

Our Founder

At Oxford Education Enterprises we all share the belief that education develops lifelong love of learning, promotes intellectual curiosity, resilience and creativity and contributes to a heightened sense of self-esteem.

I came to the UK in 2000 to complete my master’s degree in Oxford so I know how important it is to identify educational establishments that not only offer a very high standard of education but provide the necessary additional facilities to enable the students to flourish extramurally whilst offering the necessary motivation to support the students to develop as well-rounded individuals. This is why I am passionate about ensuring that at Oxford Education Enterprises we consider the student holistically and the parents’ objectives in sending their child to be educated in the UK

Building on the practical understanding of the British education system, with background in business and teaching and as a parent, my advice is always based on seeing the bigger picture.

We have the all-encompassing, mentoring approach to working with students which is reflected in our mission and philosophy to identify the most appropriate ‘steppingstones’ leading each child to realise their full potential.


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