Making your child feel at home away from home

For pupils from overseas, it is a strict requirement to have an education guardian (different to Legal guardian) who will assume parental responsibility for the child and who may in certain circumstances act in loco parentis.

At Oxford Education Enterprises, we appoint professional, safe and trusted Guardians who will support your child and act with their best interests at heart. Our Guardians have the necessary resources to ensure your child's safety and successful integration in their new environment.


Your Child's Safeguard

We know that being away from home can be a difficult and sometimes stressful time for students and our goal is to ensure they always have someone by their side who they can rely on.

Complete Peace of Mind

Having a child away from home can also be a difficult time for parents. With an appointed educational guardian, we hope to ease your anxiety by assuring you that your child is safe and taken care of.

Direct Contact

An educational guardian will become the school's main point of contact and keep you updated of any news and developments. The guardian is also available 24/7 in case of emergencies.

Academic Supervision

One of the main duties of your child's guardian is to monitor their welfare and academic progress. Depending on the level of involvement that the parents require, the Guardian can additionally undertake a role of an Academic Mentor.

Extensive Support

In addition to academic supervision, a guardian also oversees the child's wellbeing. They can organise medical visits, make necessary purchases on the child's behalf, organise cultural activities and much more.

Safe Travelling

For complete peace of mind, we can also make all necessary arrangements for your child's travels. Whether it's flying back home, visiting schools or universities, or helping the parents visit the child at their school.

"I am very pleased with the guardianship and academic mentorship that Alyona provided. I consider her to be a great professional in her field. She was always very sensitive and had a very prompt and sensitive approach to both academic and everyday issues regarding my son’s education and welfare for over 7 years. I have repeatedly used her services for the selection and organisation of extramural academic programmes and tutors – these were always to a very high level."

"I would like to pay tribute to Alyona's professionalism. My husband and I were struck by the exceptionally high level of her competence, her diplomatic skills can be used to resolve international conflicts!! At the same time, she is clearly very knowledgeable about the UK education system, and suggested various academic options to ‘make life easier’ and more manageable for the student, without lowering or diminishing the academic level."

"Both of our sons studied at the same boarding school. Knowing that Alyona was always available to help with whatever might arise gave us the confidence that our boys were in safe hands and our natural fears as parents were reduced to the minimum."

"Alyona did a marvellous job being both mentor and guardian to our daughter for five years. Alyona dealt with a multitude of issues on our behalf, making all arrangements in the UK, actively helping with GCSE and A level years and advising on university choices. We, as parents, were heavily dependent on Alyona to represent us at school events and do the best for our daughter, keeping us informed at all times."

"Thank you so much. I remember my years in secondary education in the UK with great fondness. I was incredibly lucky to have had you by my side throughout my time at boarding school. Up to this day I always remember the words of wisdom and advice that you gave me, and you are always with me in my heart wherever I am."

"Thank you for the dedication and hard work in supporting and helping our son through his education in the UK. Your unique ability to see the bigger picture and to offer timely and expert advice, often giving several different options as to how to maximise academic results and optimise his chances of success helped us parents to make the right decisions at the right time which ultimately allowed our son to realise his dreams and potential. You gave us details of opportunities which we would not have known about and which contributed to his success at school and beyond. "

Academic Mentorship

Academic Mentorship is an exclusive service which provides close monitoring of the pupil/student's progress and performance to ensure they work to their full potential.

We analyse their performance and suggest ways in which they can advance their skills and knowledge through regular contact with their tutors and ongoing discussions with parents to advise how academic performance can be improved.

The key role of an academic mentor is to motivate their students, to identify and nurture their academic talents and encourage academic excellence. The role also includes identifying external tutoring needs to assist in achieving the highest grades, and to provide intellectual stimulation.

Pastoral Support

At OEE we build rapport with your child by using a warm, friendly and nurturing approach in our regular communication so they know they can trust us. 

We actively monitor your child’s academic and emotional welfare through regular contact, including school visits. We liaise with relevant members of the school staff who look after your child’s health and safety to ensure that your child is happy at school and actively participates in all aspects of school life.

We visit your child at school and attend important events on your behalf. We also act as your representative to support your child at specific school activities in which your child participates. Above all, we make it our first priority to put your child’s needs and safety in the centre of our operation.

Frequently Asked Questions


The appointed Guardian must be over 25 years of age and be permanently resident in the UK; they must be able to be at the School within two hours.


This should be a person with whom you personally feel comfortable, and you will be confident that this person will have your child’s best interests at heart.


At any time Monday to Friday between 9am and 7pm UK time, except for genuine emergencies when the guardian is available 24/7. 


Some guardians also double as host families however, OEE are strongly of the view that it is important to separate the guardian from a host family so that there is no conflict of interest. OEE guardians act solely in their professional capacity (not ‘family’). However, OEE has agreements with carefully selected host families and can organise for a pupil to stay with those families.


Academic Mentorship is our ‘signature’ highly personalised service and is an essential element of the guardianship services offered by OEE – this expertise is highly sought after by discerning parents who want their children to excel in their studies. Due to its nature this service is available to only a limited number of clients.


At OEE we fully recognise that when the child reaches their 18th birthday, the legal age of adulthood, they do not immediately grow up into fully self sufficient adults being able to deal indepently with all the practicalities and complexities of organising their life at university. OEE is able to offer a number of flexible options to provide assistance and support of a mentor for the initial years of adaptation to university life.


Make travel arrangements within the UK, order school uniform and sports equipment, attending parent meetings, visiting pupils at school, translating school documents and reports where appropriate, making medical appointments, etc.


We have various rates starting at £3,000 per academic term rising according to the level of involvement that your child and your family will require. Please contact us for a bespoke estimate.  

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